Below are some of the original songs I have written and the recordings.

 I wrote “In your Heart to Stay” in 2000 and it was the first track of my compilation album released in 2010. It was all about my first two children who were born by that time and the closeness a father and his children always feel.

 I wrote “St. Anthony Home” in 2009 after we moved to St. Anthony. The story was about the father of my wife’s friend who helped us even before we moved to the town to find a home. We still have a very close friendship with Clyde Patey and the song is dedicated to him and all those who call Newfoundland and Labrador home.

I wrote the song about the loss of my home in 2000. I remember the fire fighter telling me the words of the song’s chorus and knew I just had to write it. Sometimes I record a quick version of a song that I will later do in the studio and finalize. I have not done that yet but will soon re-record this finished song for an upcoming album. In the meantime please enjoy.

 My father was a hardworking man and one who was always there in our lives. He had 7 children in total. This rough version of this song was a quick recording which I shared with him before he became too ill and passed back in 2012. I really felt it summed up how he lived his life for his kids and his wife. I intend to re-record this one again now that some time has passed for an upcoming album.

My brother Matthew Clark had the idea for a song and gave me a peom which inspired this song. We both shared the experience of going away to work and so this song is a fitting way to commemorate a shared life experience. 

I have also recorded a bunch of covers from artist I love and have influenced me. Some of those are shared here and my versions are usally quick recordings just to practice. I am sharing those artists and songs that have greatly influenced my music.

Shallow – Lady Gaga – Cover 

Whichita Lineman – Written By Jimmy Webb and recorded by Glen Campbell

Lullabye – Written and Recorded by Billy Joel

Love Me- Written and recorded by Skip Ewing and Max T Barnes and recorded by Colin Raye.

Leader of the Band – Written and recorded by Dan Fogelberg

Hey Jude- The Beatles 

Father and Daughter- By Paul Simon

Eagles and Horses by John Denver

 Crying my Heart out over you – Written by Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs, Carl Buler and Earl Sherry and reocrded by Ricky Skaggs

I can’t Unlove You – Written by Wade Kirby and Will Robinson and recorded by Kenney Rogers

Bridge over Troubled Water – Composed by Paul Simon and recorded by Simon and Garfunkle

Blackbird – The Beatles

Billy Joel – Italian Restaurant

John Denver – Country Roads

Billy Joel – And so it Goes


More to come when I finish.